What is hidden in the depths or types of pants for girls?


Every girl wants to have attractive and beautiful clothes. Wearing intimate clothes only for boyfriend is the key for good mood. The range is so diverse that you just can pick up for yourself and your girlfriend something worthwhile. Of course, one must think about fashion, but don’t forget hygiene requirements.

If you are having trouble deciding check out “Victoria’s Secret” catalog, for example. If you want to find something suitable or the best piece of lingerie for your woman, try Google (Bing, Yahoo) search, or even go to lingerie shop.

There are several types of women’s panties made entirely out of different materials: viscose, elastin, nylon, cotton and so on. Than the natural composition, the more comfortable you feel your girlfriend will feel. Moreover, believe me, panties, of cotton may be as attractive as it is the tango, but panties decorated with lace thong or funny picture might bring your girlfriend discomfort.

Underwear you can choose depending on mood and day.
Distinguish mini, midi and maxi pants – it all depends on the cut. Therefore, they are divided into types and by the cut.

1. Slips. The most commonly used panties. Cut-out – in the mid-thigh. If this is a classic look, gum is at the waist, and the new models have a rubber band in the mid-thigh. Each year the shorts take more and more popular because of their high comfort.

2. String. The buttocks are not closed. The cut involves a triangle and a thin rope. Not very convenient for everyday use – often worn under tight-fitting pants or skirts.

3. Shorts string – a combination, as has become clear, shorts and strings in a single model – back and front enclosing a thick paste. Designed for those who want to be extravagant, and wants to adjust its shape.

4. Tanga. Large cut-outs on both sides, gum – at waist level. Is the best option for brides.

5. Boxer. There are varieties of types. This is a sport, short shorts, which are ideal for young people leading an active lifestyle. If desired, can be decorated with embroidery or lace, which would give extra softness.

6. Shorts. Still other types of maxi panties. Closed, the bottom edge nearly horizontal. Extends thigh, but tighten the figure. If there is a flexible insert rear, then lift your buttocks well.

7. Tong. There may be mini, maxi and midi. Have reduced gum. Comfortable to wear with jeans that have low waistline.

8. Dewan-derer. Pants, as narrowed in front and behind.

9. Jay-string. The model was only recently – last year. Can be worn under pants that have a low waist and tight, and they absolutely will not be visible.

10. Bikini. Mini-bikini characterized minimum tissue. These shorts are not suitable for cold weather.

11. Penti. Briefs of maxi – excellent shape tighten.

In conclusion, it should be noted that gynecologists do not recommend a lovely model of “string” panties. This underwear can lead to cystitis, hemorrhoids, breaks and injuries, all because of their posterior parts. In addition, statistics show that thong increase the risk of injury. Remember that beauty is not worth the sacrifice.

There is no easy way to buy clothes for a girlfriend, especially lingerie, but if you dare to try, she will appreciate your effort, and even if your choice is not excellent, you can expect reward for the attempt.

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