Size Genetics Extender – Funny Story

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I don’t know is it a true or just another commercial story, but it’s very funny.

This is a story about VigRX Plus pills and Size Genetics extender that circled the world . I’ve ordered the same through this site as well as unfortunate and impatient John Blaylock.

John Blaylock was found beside the highway in Tampa, Florida. He luckily had minor injuries, only. He tried to put on his new Size Genetics extender on his way home.  A highway was overcrowded and he was impatient. There were no mistakes, he read the instructions and act upon it. Use of these devices are simple and plain. Does not require any excesses “expertise”.

His friends tried to make a joke of this. They made a petition and tried to legalize use of penis extenders in their company. John wanted  to purchase this device, for months. He was talking about Size Genetics all the time. When he finally collected the money he wanted urgent delivery. The device was delivered to his office. It was a huge mistake. There were no opportunity to test the extender in the office. John went home early and made a second mistake. Traffic jam on the highway ended his sudden escape from job.

It’s not illegal to leave your job in John’s company if you have some “unfinished job to do”. You don’t even need to explain, why are you leaving, to your boss. You can uncheck and leave your job. John has no obstacles in his company, but he had some unfinished job with more stronger forces and those forces send him directly to disaster.

These are Size Genetics claims for this product:

Benefits of Size Genetics and PE pills (e.g. VigRX Plus pills)

Increased penis length and girth. It is common for men to experience penis size gains of up to 30% or more. Size gains will occur in both erect and flaccid states.

Increased erection hardness. Harder and firmer erections  as well as the length of erection.

Increased stamina and sex drive by strengthening the cardiovascular system and improved circulation.

Increased libido. This combination will help you to increase your sex desire and improve your sexual endurance.

Relief from common male sexual dysfunction. Natural ingredients in PE pills will help you to eliminate problems such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation.

This is John’s story about his experiment on the highway. He eagerly watched the box about 30 minutes. In his office there is no possibility to hide and use device. The most logical way is to go home. The reason? He said he had a headache. John started to read the manual in elevator. Then, he tried to complete the exercise on parking in front of company building. Something was missing. He needed privacy. When his car hit the fence, he was frustrated and embarrassed.  John got out of his car holding his injured manhood. He tried to jump over the fence and fell over. About 20 yards later he had torn trousers and even more painful bumps . He lost parts of his device, but two polite police officers searched for almost two hours this area. Fortunately for John , all the parts has been found.

John gave a box of VigRX Plus pills to police officers.These potency pills are well known as herbal Viagra pills. Police officers were happy. Their wives were happy, too. So, this unfortunate event has happy ending.

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