Pimple treatment at home

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Almost everyone wish to get rid of pimple scars naturally . These pimples always make us more conscious and lead to low-confidence. An individual always feel shy at the time of public appearance or some presentation.
Here are some beneficial beauty tips to treat acne naturally :
Improve your diet: Start consuming more green vegetables and juicy fruits. Avoid junk foods and oily food.

Drink lots of water: You have been recommended to drink at-least 8-10 glasses of water per day. It is essential to make attain healthy digestive system.
Keep your skin clean: Wash your skin with fresh water twice, thrice or even as many times as you can. It will reduce all dust particles and oiliness from your skin.
Do not use harsh cosmetic and medicated products: Instead of treating your pimple marks , these products can make the situation worse.
Apply toothpaste: Apply toothpaste on your pimple and get overnight results. It may cause some reddishness but soon will disappear.
Don’t pop the pimple right away: Popping up you pimple can leave a scars that is very difficult to remove.
Remedy for pimple marks :

Pimples on face is not just a problem for teenagers; it can affect people from ages 10 through 40. I am going to tell you some Remedy for pimple marks which really work

  • Aloe Vera and  Tea tree oil are very good to stop pimple in very less time as these are natural anti bacterial and bacteria is the main cause for acnes.
  • Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water. Apply this combination on the affected areas with cotton and go away it for an hour. Continue doing this for about 15 to 20 days to have the desired results.
  • Mix 1 tsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze 1/2 lemon into it. Drink this each morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Combine a tablespoon of dried or contemporary yeast with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply this combination in your face and maintain it on until it dries off. Now, wash it with heat water.
  • Another choice is to blend one tablespoon of groundnut oil with one tablespoon of lime juice. Apply on the affected areas for quarter-hour and wash off.
  • Apply a paste of ripe tomatoes on pimples. Keep it for an hour earlier than you wash. It will prove beneficial in eliminating acne.
  • Make orange peel paste by grinding it in some water. Apply on and round pimple scars.
  • Rub recent garlic on and round pimples. pimple scars will disappear and not using a mark with regular applications.
    Mix 1 tablespoon groundnut oil with 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice to forestall formation of blackheads and acne.
  • Avocado paste, made with the help of water, consists of a treatment to get rid of Acne . Use it like a face wash, making sure to gently rub it in your face for five minutes. Then, wash it off with water.


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