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It can be said with no fear of being wrong, this is because everyone adopt the innovation with recurrent for a long period. The liberalization of the purchase of tablets, that has the capability to resulted into Possibility to find pills in food markets and also drug-stores, will provide without a doubt decelerated the competition subsequent selling prices since 2005 are raised not more than cost of living. To people is a double advantage: First of all we now have the opportunity to get medication as well with no going down to the local pharmacy; In the second place, you have to pay far less. The study reflects that reprinted this week on United States newspapers Health Test, with evaluations in just 111 drugstores, 18 shops and then sixteen pharmacies. The program in which is less expensive hypermarkets are getting into (Fewer than 18% by comparison with drugstores); however their competitors has considered the fact that asking prices also have raised a little bit in pharmacies: an analogy with this past year, just around 2.7%. In between of 2000 & 2005, before there seemed to be no liberalization, selling prices raised approximately 19%, for the period of the past three years the cost of pharmaceutical products, including each of the 3 sources, go down to a optimal 3.4%. We are because of this in a different way to any specific popular belief to go back, principle But bear in mind ventilated together with a specific reappearance and that might just be suitable by the pressures of interested corporate lobby. Not necessarily we are generally all alone on this front, if Antitrust same in September initiated an authentic invocation concern in an article to Federal government and Parliament. Dependent Government principles that place restrictions the beginning of new para drugstores found in the bill 2079 in the Senate are limited of levels of competition. And people are bearing the cost.

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