How Penis Erection Occur? – Part 2

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How Is Impotence Diagnosed?

Patient History the stage and also the reason for impotence are often outlined with the assistance of medical and sexual histories. Owing to anamnesis we will reveal the diseases which might result in impotence. And simply describing sexual life, it’s doable to differentiate such sexual issues like: issues with erection, ejaculation, coming or concupiscence.

There also can be a chemical cause for the impotence. That is, after you use some prescribed or prohibited medication. this can be the reason for impotence in twenty fifth of cases. merely reducing or subbing the medicines, impotence might get away.

Physical Examination
It is necessary to travel through physical examinations, as a result of they will reveal some general issues. as an example, if erectile organ offers no response to some bit, expected to evoke this response, the cause could also be hidden within the system. issues with system, that’s secretion issues, are often disclosed owing to some abnormal secondary characteristics, like hair pattern. There area unit some diseases of the erectile organ itself which might be the reason for impotence. for instance, it should be the results of Peyronie’s sickness, if the erectile organ is bending throughout the erection.

Laboratory Tests
Along with physical examination, bound laboratory tests ought to be created, as a result of they will facilitate to form a identification. Tests for general diseases embody blood counts, urinalysis, supermolecule profile, and measurements of creatinine and liver enzymes. once we observe low concupiscence, one ought to bear the mensuration of androgen in blood, so inform to the issues with system.

Other Tests
Monitoring erections that occur throughout sleep (nocturnal erectile organ tumescence) will facilitate rule out bound psychological causes of impotence. Night erections area unit a traditional issue and frequently healthy men have involuntary erections throughout sleep. however if these erections don’t occur, then we must always talk about physical reason for the impotence, however not psychological. Although, one cannot have faith in these tests for the complete 100%. Scientists haven’t united nonetheless, once and in what manner they must be taken to achieve best results.

Psychosocial Examination
We have aforesaid that some psychological factors could also be disclosed with the assistance of tests, examinations. however it’s conjointly true, that these issues could also be disclosed owing to psychological examinations and form. For the higher results, men’s sexual partner ought to even be interview to search out out the expectations and perceptions throughout sexual activity.


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