How Beautiful Women Can Manipulate With Man


Time passes quickly in a conversation with a pretty woman. When man estimates the length of the interview, he usually made mistake and shorten this time 20 – 50 % . This may be a a big problem, since the time can fly and a man can miss the last bus, train or even plane. These are the results of research in USA. Men always have a greater range of topics to discuss with the good looking women.

The men in these situations, try to leave an impression. They usually concentrate more on the conversation and measure words they want to say. When a man has a conversation with an attractive person of the opposite sex, male brain is more engaged. Time is not the main thing on their minds. Time tend to slip away,  at this moment, so don’t be careless.

The impact on the time course and losing the notion of time is not the only thing that pretty women can cause. Beautiful and may I add, smart women can make a real mess in man’s head. Okay , she must not be particularly smart. I’m sure that is inversely proportional: If woman is beautiful, she doesn’t need to be smart (proportionally). If proportion is right,  mess in the male mind is certain.

Frequently a good looking woman may muddle man’s memory and the concept of truth . Spoken lies said in order to impress a pretty lady, can be returned back like a boomerang. A man can experience the problem how to separate truth from fiction. This problem may take a relatively long time. Scientists claim it may take up to six weeks. Why? Dishonesty with an extremely nice person of the opposite sex is caused by the desire for potential sexual intercourse. This conflict is the real cause of a distorted memory of the truth. If you lie, you’ll accept other people lies as a fact.

Pretty women make men impatient. The “stronger” part of the human population (men), will accept impossible loan terms and usually sign a contract without hesitation, if attractive woman show the offer. The same effect may have the very presence of  attractive woman, too. The men will opt for less money in the short run, as opposed to significantly more amount of money if the payment is period is longer, if a sex bomb give them the offer. If they flirt with nice looking woman, the result is the same. The reason for this behavior lays in pleasure centers inside the brain of a man. This centers respond to stimuli sent by a nice looking lady. In respond, a man asks for immediate gratification. This action use to blur the future that could be far better than the present.

Ads for male enhancement pills often include the image of a beautiful women. See this ad for VigRX Plus. These women expect you to order a product they promote, and they even tempt you to try something new. See this ad for other sexual enhancement pills. Would you like to run on the beach in front of ten beautiful women asking you to have sex with them? What is the message of this ad? Stop running and grab our product.

Beautiful women can make you to be a Robin Hood. Men often get caught in their net, and become a major spender. Frantically give money even if he is poor. When you look at beautiful women you can’t stop wasting money. Possibility to catch a women of your dreams can make you weak. If  there is any sign of sex with a beautiful woman, a man is eager to show his altruistic side. This can be aggravated in the case when a man is desperate to have sex with a woman.

Exceptionally beautiful women may give the impression of importance. Research at universities across North America shows, that a man that use to watch images of good looking women, often fall into a state that can be compared as drug intoxication. After viewing photos of women whose bodies resemble an hourglass, the signs of drugs intoxication may become stronger. Good looking women have strong hips, breasts and shoulders. These images can act like a drug. Look at the shoulders, breasts, waist and hips in perfect proportion may suggest the serious character of the women. This woman in man’s eyes has reproductive potential and desire for procreation. Watching women sends pleasure signals to the brain center for rewards. This may trigger sense of drug intoxication. Scientists say that a woman should not have ideal proportions, but if she is closer to man’s ideal picture,  a man can be more easily manipulated.

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