ED Drugs Are Not Just For Men

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Medications to solve erectile dysfunction problems like Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis or Kamagra are not just for men. While men still have high libido, their female counterparts may possibly be going through menopause and hormonal imbalances which lower the sex drive. If this is the case, then both parties should discuss all options before making any type of rash decisions the other partner may not be comfortable with. Communication is the key to any type of healthy relationship whether it be sexual or not. Some men feel Viagra only has an effect on them, which is not true at all. Viagra , have an effect on women because her male partner begins to take one of these ED medications and while his libido may still be high, hers may simply be decreasing. Some women even feel inadequate around their husbands when they begin to take erectile dysfunction medications. There is the risk of infidelity within the relationship because of the male’s new-found sexual potency on this particular medication. So ED products  can have a big impact on the way women going through menopause and how they may feel about their husbands and sexual relationships anyway. ED medications do not always improve sexual relationships but could possibly be making them worse.

Women may feel forced into sex if their husband begins taking the medication without discussing it over with her first. Depression  could be reasons a female would not want to make love with her husband anymore. Self-esteem issues could arise from both parties within the relationship, a woman may feel as if her husband does not find her sexually attractive anymore or same with the husband. Another reason a female may not want to have sexual intercourse with her husband anymore is because of antidepressants or possibly other types of medications she may be taking. Medications have adverse side-effects on certain people, what has an effect on a person in one way or another may not have an effect on another person in the same manner. Sexual dysfunction is a side-effect of certain antidepressant medications especially if they have been prescribed for two or more years. Some doctors are even beginning to recommend that females should take a Viagra to help with their sexual dysfunction and low libido. With medications like Viagra for her, one pill is taken two hours before sexual activity and is consumed in 50 milligrams doses once a day. This pill would help the females and they would not have to stop being treated for their depression symptoms and it would reverse the signs of sexual dysfunction.

Before either partner begins taking a sexual dysfunction medication whether it be Kamagra Oral Jelly or Viagra for the males or the for the females, they must consult with their doctor and make sure they have a good bill of health. If they find underlying problems, then there are other options to treat erectile and sexual dysfunction for either partner. And besides discussing these treatment plans with their doctor, they should talk it over with each other first and make sure this is the right step for them in this period in their lives. If a partner feels as if they should wait a little while longer before beginning the treatments then that would be the best option for the couple at the moment.

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