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This diet is very successful as a means to stabilize blood sugar levels and the regulation of body weight, and raises the overall level of energy

This diet is very successful as a means to stabilize blood sugar levels and the regulation of body weight. In addition, raise the overall level of energy. The menu is based on creating a kind of cycle in which they will be represented by low and high carbohydrate days. Every day should have three meals. Once a week the “free meal” can be eaten all, but only in one hour.

The diet is based on the concept that we should create such conditions that the body only “burn” fat, as if it were a primary source of energy. Alternating low and high carb days, you get the body does not store excess fat. Wrong carbohydrates are the main cause of fatigue and may produce drowsiness after meals.

Good carbohydrates are potatoes, white and brown rice, pasta, corn, bread from the complete wheat and fruit. Are very important quality proteins and healthy fats. A sufficient amount of protein in each meal, the key is to maintain blood glucose levels at the same level and balanced supply the body with energy throughout the day.

Day with a small amount of carbohydrates
Breakfast: Egg white omelet, cheese and vegetables
Lunch: large salad with tuna, seasonal vegetables and a spoon of olive oil
Dinner: lean beef with a sauce of broccoli and peanuts

Per day with large amounts of carbohydrates

Breakfast: fruit salad and yoghurt, toast the whole-wheat bread with honey

Lunch: turkey breast with roasted potatoes, green salad with low-fat dressing

Dinner: chicken breast, whole grain pasta and baked squash

Dessert: fresh fruit

Recommendations for practice: In addition to the diet do best walking and weight training to increase muscle strength and metabolism. Exercise in which we use resistance are also useful.


This diet can help reduce food cravings and addiction to carbohydrates, but also in the regulation of hypoglycaemia. Once a week “free meal” helps reduce the stress of feeling that you are on a strict diet.

It is flexible and VEGETARIAN

The downside is that a child requires more cost and time to prepare, because the food is not processed. Statistics say on this diet lost about 5-6 pounds per month. Also, except for blood sugar levels, regulates blood pressure – people with average blood pressure of 150 to 100 it took about three months to the normal value of 120 from 70th

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