Build Muscle At An Older Age Via Rowing Machines

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When you think of the exercises the elderly are able to do, your choices might be a little limited once you consider strength building. That’s not the case if you considered rowing as a sport and exercise, as it has been the favorite of individuals of all ages for many decades all around the world.

The key aspect of rowing that makes it perfect for the elderly is that you can move at your own pace. Even if you don’t have any experience in strength training at all, you can get started with rowing for sport and hobby. Those new to the sport will want to start on the rowing machine first, and leave embarking on the waters until the basic motions are down.

A sore back usually isn’t a big problem- it’s just an ailment that comes and goes. For back sores that aren’t serious, you can start a rowing routine to strengthen your back and improve the alignment. The elderly are especially in need of such a routine, since the test of time has likely but a lot of strain on the back that can only be removed through strength training.

The machines can be more than just a workout, they are therapeutic. The gentle motions of a rowboat can be hypnotizing- but in a good way. Alternating between strong and weaker strokes can also put you in a groove, or rhythm if you will. Those who use rowing machines concur that the monotony of a regular workout isn’t present.

Rowing doesn’t have to steal the show- it can also be the opening act. You can use a rowing routine to warm yourself up for another routine you plan to do later. Rowing at a slow pace will cause your muscles to loosen up, promote circulation, and make you feel better in preparation for something else. Whether for something fun like a massage, or something serious like another workout, rowing can be the perfect opening exercise.

Once you do obtain a rowing machine, or obtain access to one, start considering going out on actual waters near you. The waters can be incredibly relaxing in the wee hours of the morning or evening. If you do decide to go this path, go out with a team and wear proper safety gear so that in the event of an emergency, you won’t sacrifice your health for your hobby.

Closing Comments

Rowing can be a fun hobby for all ages- not just the elderly. Some of the most famous heroes in history have all taken up rowing in their teens, and carried their love throughout adulthood. Perhaps at least trying it wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

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